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    Corner Cabinet

    MAde completely from Cherry. Inside the face frame of the upper half is rope lighting as my wife loves light. TO the left and right of the drawer in the middle top of the lower unit is a hidden compartment. The one on the right is where the rope lighting plugs into a receptacle and there is a switch for turning it on and off in lieu of reaching around to plug them in.



    Gregory Guertin writes:

    To all asking about sketches and or oplans. Actually, I have neither. I built on the fly without the aid of either. My bad habit.

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    Mike Rooker writes:

    Your cabinet is beautiful. Where did u get the cherry and how many BF did it take ?

    What skill level would someone need to be to tackle this project ?

    Last ? -- Would  you share your plans




    Mike Rooker

    Columbus, MS 


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    One Wood Knot
    Al Thorpe writes:

    Hello Gregory,  The corner cabinet is beautiful in all aspects.  I have been wanting to build one almost exactly like this for quite some time now.  The designs that I have come up with parallel yours with very-very few minor differences.  Are you willing to share your sketches and/or plans for this unit?  You would make an old fellow woodworker very happy!!!  Thank you for your consideration. 

    Al Thorpe


    Chris & Al Thorpe

    PO Box 575

    Midpines, CA  95345

    James Childress writes:

    Hi Gregory,

    Your corner cabinet is beautiful.  My wife would love to have one.  I am an

    intermediate woodworker with many projects made of mahogany, oak, and

    pine plus hard pine from New Zealand from Home Depot.  If you have any

    dimentions, partial drawings or any kind of material list, I would be happy to

    pay for mailing to me.  Thank you for any help.

    Jim Childress

    1330 Bernard Ave

    Willow Grove, PA. 19090-4703

    215-657-0389  email: jim7childress@yahoo.com

    William Pelini writes:

    Hi Gregory:

         I like your corner cabinet.  I'm trying to do some woodworking out of a wheelchair, do you think I would be able to make your corner cabinet?  If possible I would like to have a sketch or drawing of your cabinet.  You can send information to my e-mail:

                                                 carlabob@roadrunner.com       or to my address:

          251 Lunn Blvd

          Farrell,Pa 16121-1536

    Thank you,  William Pelini





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