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    Corner Tables with Inlay

    Inspired by David Marks's episode of a cherry corner table with ebony inlay, and Norm Abram's Nest of tables made from mahogany with maple inlay.

    My tables are (outer table) 35" across the front, 30" high. The top and base are poplar, the inlay tiger maple.

    Norm's approach to finishing mahogany with a reddish brown mahogany stain was to coat the inlay with shellac. This prevented absorption into the maple.

    However, I used gel stains. They covered better, so I went on a tip from Marc Spagnuolo (The Wood Whisperer) and used 1/8" masking tape to cover the maple during staining. This leaves an edge, and the stain can get worked under the joint between to meeting strips of tape. Nothing you can do about the edge until later. The tape MUST be perfect, and it must be tight to the maple all the way up to the meeting strip. I used the back edge of an Xacto knife to "tuck" it in as tight as possible, then go up and over. My trial with two butting ends of tape didn't work.

    Even so, some stain did get under the "joint" in the tapes, but it was fairly easily removed.

    The stain recipe was:

    1. 2 coats Seal-Coat, 1/2 lb cut, before assembly
    2. 1 coat General Finishes Georgian Cherry
    3. 1 coat GF Java / Georgian Cherry
      1. 1:1 ratio
      2. Any light spots were later rubbed with same combo to help balance.
    4. 2 coats Arm-R-Seal, wiped on, undiluted
    5. 2 coats diluted 1:1 Arm-R-Seal, wiped on for final thin film.