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    Modern sideboard with single door

    This 60" sideboard was inspired by a mid-80's Italian design.  The door folds down and then slides under, exposing the interior.  I had a piece of Douglas Fir plywood made for the door, then used Douglas fir solid lumber for the trim and drawer fronts.  The three pulls are made from shaped brass stock.  The door is supported on 2 skateboard wheels when it is open.



    justine collin writes: A type of furniture that is truly perfect for small office room. I was thinking to visit Caldwells Shop as I have read in their site http://caldwells.com/ that they have closet and cabinet doors, so I assumed they also have have cabinets and I prefer to have something like this Italian design. I heard a lot of Caldwells anyway as the prominent door and cabinet shops but I never get in touch with them personally. A style and a unique look of cabinet is what I always prefer.
    richard smith writes:

    This is exactly what I would need for the final touches of my new home! Do you have any idea where I could find it? I got some great sun shades on http://swsuncontrol.com/sun-shades-tucson/ and they would look amazing next to this piece of furniture!

    Ian Phillips writes:

    Hi Ed-

    Could you post some pics of how your fold and slide door works.  Looks great!

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