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    My first bench

     Finally finish my first bench made from dougfir , mdf, plywood and the drawers were salvage from a remodel job. The hole bench was hand cut  with mortise and tenon joinery and reinforced with dowels. The pine trim oraund the top was dovetails and dowels and finished it with a few coats of polyutharane.



    Sandy Maguire writes:


      Sandy Maguire writes:


    I think you did an excellent job here. I'm getting ready to start a re-build of a 100 year old woodworker's workbench that I saved from the fireplace and am going to take lots of photos and hopefully find a video camera as well. I will be posting pics on this site and also on FineWoodworking.com in the blog section there as well. I've been a woodworker for many years, but I subscribe to this as well as FineWoodworking.com because you never know it all. And if you think you do you are just fooling yourself. There is always something more to learn, and I love that aspect of woodworking.

    Any one who is interested and wants to contact me can do so at sandyturnswood56@yahoo.com . I should have the first pics up in a week or 2. I have learned so much from Fine Woodworking over the years and I recommend subscribing to everyone. I will be using John Tetreault's Roubo Workbench Series as the inspiration for the dovetails and mortises for this project. Please check it out at Fine Woodworking.

    Hope you really enjoy your workbench for years to come Gerardo - Good Job!    Sandy Maguire

    Jack Coats writes:

    Nice to see your build.  I am wanting to build a first workbench for a shop I am starting. ... Thanks for the inspiration

    Gina Eide writes:

    Very nice. Thanks for posting. Gina

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