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    Series 3 Nightstand Project

    Another picture of the project to complement the first post.  This time I follow the guidance in a Fine Woodworking article on photographing your projects!


    evan mayer writes: Is it just made of teak wood, its a unique one, and looks like those furniture stuff I have seen at http://www.javateakoutdoorfurniture.com/products/benches/.
    David J Devitt writes: The night stand looks like something I would like to do but in shaker or stickly. My sister wants a small hall table 13 in wide . very nice job. Cheers dave
    Jasmine Lussaud writes: Top! Thank you for this article my french website mutuelle comparatif mutuelle santé
    Robert Kemple writes: Yes, I will make another out of some plum wood I have. This time I'll use my new domino.
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