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    Studio Apartment Shop

    Matt Paldy lives in a small place. His studio apartment on Manhattan’s upper west side measures 14 ft. by 19 ft. Within those 266 square feet, though, he’s managed to make room for his hobby.

    Matt sent these photos of his 5-ft. by 5-ft. bathroom woodshop to Fine Woodworking. In this tiny space, he makes boxes, serving trays,and other small items. Here’s what he says about his setup:

    “I move individual tools, such as the bandsaw, drill press, Dewalt DW745 tablesaw, and router table in and out of the bathroom as I need them. I made a workbench that straddles the tub. I store the tools against a wall when I'm not using them, and make a sad attempt to cover them with a sheet to make them less of an eyesore.”

    He describes the process as "arduous," but says the extra effort is worth it.

    "Woodworking, even in the constraints of the bathroom, gives me an escape from the stress of living in Manhattan. Manhattan is a city that favors disposable items and it's easy to become disconnected from nature, the earth, wood, and the pleasure and appreciation of making something by hand."

    For a closer look at Matt's work, check out his website. He said he also plans to try selling some of his pieces outside the Museum of Natural History on weekends. If you're in the city, you might stop by for a look.

    Matt Paldy's shop was originally featured in Jan. 2009 on FineWoodworking.com.

    Stephen Scott