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    Tablesaw Sleds

    A tablesaw is one of the most useful tools in a furniture makers shop. You can create a host of jigs and sleds to boost the tool's effectiveness.

    Here, woodworking instructor Steve Latta shows off a collection of tablesaw sleds to help crosscut lumber more safely and accurately.



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    Nicole Chan writes:

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    Edward Burns writes:

    Hi Steve, are there standard dimensions for all of your table saw sleds, or do you build them to your specific needs ? Thanks, Ed

    Chuck Riccardo writes:

    Steve, I did two things this week. I built my first crosscut sled - got it accurate to a thousandth of an inch as per William Ng, and the second was to order two of your videos on inlay. I hope to build some fine Federal tables.

    Even with a guard on the back of my sled, I fear pushing too far forward and having the blade cut through and beyond the guard. I thinking some device mounted to the front to the saw to limit its travel would be in order?


    Bill Pauley writes:

    Thanks, I look forward to learning some of the skills the pros share on the startwoodworking site.

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