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    Tiny Japanese Workshop

    This is my "woodshop" in Japan. It's 36 sq. ft. and my "workbench" is about 18 in. tall.

    I built a shop stool to fit in this tiny space. The stool design is a very old one similar to those used in for meditation in temples. The wood is Japanese cedar with a wax finish.

    By Aaron Dye. Originally posted in the FineWoodworking.com gallery.



    meenakshi krishna writes:

    I LIKED YOUR BLOG.TINY JAPANESE WORKSHOP is an informative article. The pictures posted over here show how we can start a workshop within a limited space. This woodshop requires 36 sq.ft. and workbench is around 18 in. tall, built this shop tool to fit in limited space, the wood is Japanese ceder with a wax finish. The tool design is very old and similar to those used in meditation in temples.thanks!!!!!!!


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