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    Walnut Sleigh Crib

    I designed and built this crib for my first grandkid last fall. The crib was designed in Sketchup after I realized I could not find a crib built the way I wanted for the little guy. I had to add a few tools to the shop to finish this, but I needed a good reason for a dedicated morticer. ;^)\

    The crib is solid walnut. Bed bolts & captive nuts are used to hold the sides to the front and back panels, and brass bed bolt covers hid the recessed bolts. The mattress frame is rail and stile construction with maple panels, and uses angle brackets and threaded inserts with 3/8" bolts, all in solid brass. All other construction is mortice and tennon.

    For the finish I sanded to 600 grit. A coat of food-safe oil was followed by 6 coats of clear shellac sprayed lightly and buffed with fine nylon pads. The last coat was lightly sanded with 900 grit. And then the whole thing was waxed with a combination of bees wax, carnuba and walnut oil. (No, he's not alergic.)

    This was by far the most ambitious furniture project I've done to date.