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  • Ultimate Tablesaw Crosscut Sled Fence
    A sturdy, accurate (meaning it cuts perfectly square, at 90-degrees) crosscut sled is perhaps one of the most useful workshop jigs a woodworker can have.
    by Ed_Pirnik - member |
    May 21, 2014
    Part II—Router Template for Perfect Quadrant Hinges
    In Part I of this two-part series on using router templates to install tricky quadrant hinges, we focused on building a simple templa
    by StartWoodworking - member |
    February 27, 2014
    Build a Simple Tenoning Jig for the Tablesaw
    While building a small cherry cabinet recently, I decided to construct a simple door using bridle joints.
    by Ed_Pirnik - member |
    January 16, 2013
    How to Cut Perfect Circles on a Bandsaw
    Although the vast majority of furniture projects require square and rectangular components, most woodworkers will eventually need to cut a circle.
    by Ed_Pirnik - member |
    July 12, 2012
    Road Sign Chair
    Last fall, while working as a teacher in a job training program called YouthBuild, I had the opportunity to work with some students to build a fence for a daycare center adjoining our campus.
    by wholman - member |
    June 9, 2011
    Weekend Lantern Project
    Transform an inexpensive IKEA glass lamp with this simple, elegant, and easily customized hardwood
    March 11, 2011
    Build an Edge-Grain Cutting Board
    Cutting boards are a great first project for the budding woodworker.
    by Ed_Pirnik - member |
    March 10, 2011
    Simple Method for Squaring a Case
    If you're a budding woodworker, you know the importance of measuring a case--be it a cabinet, box, drawer, whatever--for square.
    by Ed_Pirnik - member |
    May 5, 2014
    Protect Your Woodworking Projects with Magnetic Clamp Pads
    Metal woodworking clamps are capable of exerting a great deal of pressure, and all that pressure can result in some serious dings in your projects when it comes time to cinch down a clamp.
    by StartWoodworking - member |
    March 6, 2014
    Ridgid 2410 Setup
    I am trying to adjust the "front to back" blade angle (parallel to the mitre guage slot) set up. The Ridgid TS2410 tablesaw Owner's Manual does not address this issue.
    by albertabob |
    February 3, 2014
    Hardwood Edging—Twice as Fast
    If you ever find yourself having to apply hardwood edging to several shelves—say for a bookcase built using furniture-grade plywood, you could rip each 1/4-in.
    by Ed_Pirnik - member |
    January 23, 2014
    Easier Handplaning with a Guide Block
    If you’re new to surfacing or jointing lumber by hand using handplanes, you’ve probably already realized that this can be a tricky endeavor to execute successfully.
    by Ed_Pirnik - member |
    January 15, 2014
    Five tips for repurposing household items
    These days, the easy availability of branded items is turning us all into prolific spenders.
    by Paul_Nach_ |
    July 1, 2013
    Build a Flush-Trim Base for Your Router
    Most woodworkers are inveterate tinkerers.
    by Ed_Pirnik - member |
    April 17, 2013
    Simple Tip for Tighter Mortise-and-Tenon Joints
    When I first began cutting mortise-and-tenon joints, I followed a simple routine that worked well, but wasn't quite up to the caliber of some of the furniture I was seeing on a regular basis
    by Ed_Pirnik - member |
    April 11, 2013
    Accurate Cuts on Long Workpieces
    The simple stop block—when coupled with a well-built crosscut sled—excels at making repeatable cuts to a consistent length.
    by Stephanie Fuda - administrator |
    April 3, 2013
    How to Cut With a Scrollsaw
    The scrollsaw is an extremely versatile tool that uses fine blades under tension to do fine cutting work that other motorized saws can't do.
    by StartWoodworking - member |
    March 27, 2013
    Joinery Basics
    Joinery is one of the most essential elements of woodworking and furniture making. Almost everything you build from wood will require parts to be joined in one way or another.
    by StartWoodworking - member |
    October 11, 2012
    Set Up Your Bandsaw Like a Pro
    The bandsaw is a deceptively simple piece of machinery, and perhaps that’s why most beginning woodworkers don’t have their machines set up properly.
    by StartWoodworking - member |
    September 27, 2012
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