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    Simple Sanding Jig Solves a Big Problem on Custom Box

    It’s fairly common to mount hinges in a box with the hinge barrel being located in such a way that it is bisected by the box side.

    by StartWoodworking | May 15, 2014
    Easy, Accurate Reference Marks for Stopped Router-Table Cuts

    The tricky part about making stopped dadoes or mortises at the router table is knowing where to start and/or stop your cut. Here's a simple trick that will take out all of the guesswork.

    by StartWoodworking | April 30, 2014
    Simple Wedge Keeps Vise from Racking

    A bench vise is a great asset to your workbench. It can help secure your work for a variety of different applications.

    by StartWoodworking | April 3, 2014
    Tapered Legs with a Circular Saw

    While browsing the wide array of woodworking jig ideas uploaded by readers of Fine Woodworking magazine to our sister site, FineWoodworking.com<

    by Ed_Pirnik | October 24, 2013
    Formal Vanity

    This Formal Vanity was built using Alder wood.  It was commissioned by Barry Mathis, Architect.  

    by Martyweck | October 23, 2013