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    6 Awesome Small Shops

    Just because you don’t have a huge basement or empty garage, doesn’t mean you can’t find some space that you can dedicate to your woodworking. Check out some of these unique shop setups and be sure to post photos of your own shop in our shop gallery.

    Studio Apartment Workshop: Studio Apartment Shop
    A Tokyo "Dungeon" Workshop: Tokyo Dungeon Shop
    Patio "Workshop": Woodshop Al Fresco
    36-Square-Foot Shop: Tiny Japanese Workshop
    One-Car Garage Shop: Smart Shop in a One-Car Garage



    I found that site very

    thscp thscp writes:

    I found that site very usefull and this survey is very cirious, I ' ve never seen a blog that demand a survey for this actions, very curious...

    photographe toulouse

    You don't really need space

    Mel Brandle writes:

    You don't really need space for anything these days. What with all the mobile offices and the self storage solutions that we have. Even in Adelaide, we've got lots of enterprising souls working out of cheap and easily accessible alternatives and building and supporting their thriving businesses! There’s nothing that you can't do in the new century!

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