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    A Basic Power Tool Kit

    These six basic power tools will handle most beginner woodworking tasks with ease. From cutting and drilling--to routing and sanding, you don't need big ticket shop machinery to get good results. 
    Circular Saw: Sure, someday you might end up investing in a nice tablesaw, but for now, a good circular saw works just fine for basic ripping and crosscutting. Investing in an accessory saw guide is a good idea as well. Saw guides are great for making perfectly square cuts.How to Use a Circ Saw with a Track
    Cordless Drill: Nowadays, cordless drills come in three basic voltages: 12V, 14V, and 18V. For most basic woodworking jobs, the 12V variety will do just fine. However, ff you anticipate using your drill for outdoor projects, you might want to step up to a 14V model.How to Use a Drill/Driver
    Router: A router is nothing more than a motor spinning a bit, much like a drill. Whereas drills are used to make simple holes however, routers are employed to cut decorative edge profiles and joinery such as dadoes and rabbets. Woodworkers can choose from two styles: the fixed base router and the plunge router.Routing Safe and Sound
    Jigsaw: The jigsaw (sometimes called a saber saw) excels at cutting curves, owing to its narrow blade which travels in an up-and-down trajectory as opposed to a spinning blade. Jigsaws are great for cutting everything from circles to ornate trim work. The cuts left by this tool can be rather rough, however, so be prepared to do a good amount of sanding after making your cuts.How to Use Biscuit Joints
    Random Orbit Sander: Once you've built your project, you're going to need to smooth its surfaces. Random orbit sanders are designed to make a smoother sanding pattern by combining an orbital AND a spinning motion. This makes random-orbit sanders more aggressive than conventional orbital machines while minimizing unsightly swirl marks.
    Biscuit Joiner: Biscuit joiners cut matching ovoid slots in mating pieces of wood to accept a thin wood biscuit. When glue is applied and the two pieces are joined, the biscuits expand, leaving you with a super-strong joint that takes only seconds to make.