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    Top Plans for New Woodworkers

    Here are some great projects with FREE PLANS to help you get started in woodworking. The cutting board is a great initial project because it requires very few tools. Crafting these projects will help you build your skill level and confidence.

    Cutting Board with Asa Christiana and Matt Berger: How to Make a Cutting Board
    Easy Box Plan Designed by Doug Stowe: Build a Lift-Lid Box
    Elegant Box Designed by Gary Rogowski: Make A Box
    Oak Bookcase Plan by Asa Christiana and Matt Berger: Build an Oak Bookcase
    Easy-to-Build Workbench Inspired by Sam Allen: Build a Simple, Sturdy Workbench
    Knife Rack Project Designed by Robyn Mierzwa of Makeville Studios: Build a Magnetic Wooden Knife Holder




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