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    Build a Cedar Garden Bench

    more on woodworking safety

    Tools and Materials

    This beautiful garden bench is an excellent weekend project for those who are familiar with basic power tools like the miter saw and drill/driver. Since it's built of western red cedar, the stock is easy to cut, making this project come together rather quickly. You can choose to finish the wood and preserve the beautiful reddish hues, or, leave it natural for a more silver-grey finish. The Lowe's website actually has several really great beginner woodworking projects.

    How to Build a Garden Bench: Introduction
    In this introduction video, learn about the design and basic construction techniques used to assemble the bench.




    How to Build a Garden Bench: Back Assembly
    In episode one, learn how to build the back lattice assembly using glue and brads.




    How to Build a Garden Bench: Ends and Base
    In episode two, the bench really starts to take shape as both ends are assembled and stretchers tie them together




    How to Build a Garden Bench: Build Your Seat
    In the third and final episode, learn how to attach the back and lay the seat. Then, learn tips on how to apply a fine finish to your bench.


    How to Make

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    Build a Garden Bench: Follow along with the videos above to build this garden bench.