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    Build a Deck Storage Box

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    Tools and Materials

    Here's another great beginner woodworking project from the folks at Lowe's. This deck storage chest can easily be built in a weekend, features dual lids that double as seats, and goes a long way toward cleaning up the bric-a-brac on your outdoor living area. For a detailed plan and materials list, have a look at Lowe's Shop Class website, or just follow along with the videos below.

    By the way, don't be scared off by the fact that the instructor uses a tablesaw in these videos. You could also use a conventional circular saw with a straightedge clamped to the wood you're cutting. Or, you could have your lumberyard pre-rip the wood to the proper width if that's easier. There's usually a small charge involved, but it's not a wallet-buster.

    How to Build a Deck Storage Bench: Introduction
    Learn about the basic design and construction elements of this simple weekend woodworking project. 


    How to Build a Deck Storage Bench: Deck Box Frame
    In the second episode, learn how to build the basic box frame.


    How to Build a Deck Storage Bench: Add Cladding and Trim
    In episode three, learn how to give your storage chest a handsome suit of wood cladding.


    How to Build a Deck Storage Bench: Attaching Dual Lids and Staining
    In the final episode, attach the dual lids and give your project a coat of stain for a warm, inviting look. 

    How to Make

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    Build a Deck Storage Chest: Follow along with the videos above to build this project.