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    Build a Magazine Rack

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    Tools and Materials

    Here's another cool free plan we came across while surfing amid the thousands-upon-thousands of woodworking projects floating around on the internet.

    This collapsible magazine rack by Marc Spagnuolo, also-known-as the Wood Whisperer, has only two elements to it, can be built in a weekend, and is quite handsome with its Asian-inspired curves.

    Have a look at the general instruction below. If you'd like to see a video of this project being built, click here.


    A Note on Tools
    You'll notice in the video that Marc uses a bandsaw to cut his curves. Don't shy away from this project just because you don't have this large shop tool. A jigsaw and a steady hand, followed up by some sanding, can do an excellent job on gentle curves like the ones featured in this project. And there's a lesson to be learned here. There's generally more than one way to perform just about any task in woodworking.

    How to Make

    Saw it Apart and Glue it Back Togetherclick to enlarge

    Saw it Apart and Glue it Back Together: The magazine rack relies on two pieces which, when slid together, form a "V" shape into which your stacked magazines nestle. The ingenious aspect of this design lay in the fact that the notches cut into the each half actually arent' "cut." Rather, they are small pieces of wood simply glued onto a longer side piece. Watch the video and you'll see what we mean. The bottom line is, this project is very approachable to the novice woodworker. In fact, some might say it's deceptively simple.