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    How to Build a Storage Bench

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    Tools and Materials

    It seems the folks at Lowe's have several free woodworking plans on their website. Earlier I told folks about the free garden bench plan. Today, I just stumbled upon this simple plan for a storage chest. Built using pocket screw joinery, this chest is a great project for beginners. Don't worry if you don't own a tablesaw either. You can always use a circular saw with a straightedge guide. Watch all the episodes below, and if you're interested in building it, you can even download a complete diagram and cut list here.

    Note that you can choose to build either one of two versions of the bench. For folks who are brand-spanking new to woodworking, you may want to go with the simpler, flat panel version of the chest. That said, if you feel up to it, Lowe's also offers a slightly different version that includes raised panels. Don't worry though, the method used to construct these fancy raised panels is super simple. You can learn more about both versions by watching the videos below.

    Good luck and happy building!


    How to Build a Storage Chest: Introduction
    In this introduction video, learn the basics involved in building this simple storage chest.



    How to Build a Storage Chest: End and Front/Back Assemblies
    In episode two, learn how to tackle the basic elements of a box that you'll transform into a great storage chest. The basic framework is built of poplar, which cuts easily and takes a painted finish that's super smooth when properly sanded and prepared.



    How to Build a Storage Chest: End and Front/Back Assemblies
    In episode two, learn how to assemble the chest's frame and then insert the plywood panels and bottom to finish off the basic box assembly. Plus, you'll be able to choose between a raised panel or flat panel look for your chest.



    How to Build a Storage Chest: Adding Trim, Top, and Finish
    Learn how to build and attach the top, finish trim, and a smooth coat of paint to your storage chest in the final episode of this project video series.



    How to Build a Storage Chest: Alternate Trim Idea
    In this extra episode, learn how to mimic a more traditional raised panel look on your storage chest.


    How to Make

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    Build a Storage Chest: Follow along with the videos above to build this simple storage chest.