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    Make Your Own Beading Tool

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    Tools and Materials

    A simple bead applied to the bottom of an apron is an easy way to add visual interest to a coffee table or other project. Although there are router bits and scratch stocks available for beading, this simplified method from Aime Ontario Fraser's book, Getting Started in Woodworking, is fast and effective. Best of all, the only materials required are a #10 steel screw and a small block of scrap hardwood.

    More Beginner Projects

    Be sure to catch Aime's book, Getting Started in Woodworking, for even more skill building projects.

    How to Make

    Screw it Togetherclick to enlarge

    Screw it Together: Attach a #10 steel screw to a 4-in. long block of hardwood. We used a block plane and sandpaper to ease the edges of our block. This makes handling the tool a lot more comfortable.

    Screw it Togetherclick to enlarge

    General Measurements: The screw should be positioned about 1-1/2-in. in from one end of the block, and about 1/2-in. up from the bottom. Attach the screw so that it sits about 1/4-in. proud of the block's surface.

    Screw it Togetherclick to enlarge

    Grinding a Burr is Optional: This step is completely optional. We added a slight burr onto the screw by grinding it ever-so-slightly. The burr slices the wood fibers during the initial pass over the workpiece, which makes a cleaner cut.

    Screw it Togetherclick to enlarge

    Ready to Bead: To use the tool, simply align the block with the edge of your workpiece and draw it towards you. The more passes you make, the more defined the bead becomes.

    Screw it Togetherclick to enlarge

    Adjust the Screw: Adjust the Bead: You can make minute adjustments of the screw to change the position of the bead up from the edge of your workpiece.