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    Rolling Lumber Cart (5'X3')

    more on woodworking safety

    Tools and Materials

    I made this almost a year ago but never got around to posting it. Before I continue I would like to thank the following people because what they did inspired me.

    • Wood Storage Racks By Paul Anthony in American Woodworker October 96, #54.
    • Mobile Wood Storage Rack by Big Tim (source Google Sketch Up)
    • Another storage rack designed by a gentleman on Shop Notes issue 55 ONLINE EXTRA, (http://www.shopnotes.com/issues/055/ext ... store-all/)


    My Cut List for this project.

    (Pieces)  X   Width (thickness), Length, Height,

    Base 2 X  3/4", 4.10', 5"      (long)
             2 X   3/4" 36",  5"        (short)
             6 X  3/4" , 34.5", 5"      (short)

    Posts 8 X 1.5",  3.5",  5.6'

    Arms 16 X 3/4", 15", 3.5"

    Boxes 1 X 3/4" 5', 2'
              1 X 3/4" 5', 1'
              1 X 3/4", ? ,? (check measurements later for middle partition, cut at 45 deg. later)

    Box Bottom  1 X 3/4", 12", 5'

    Box Ends 2 X 3/4" 10.25" 3 ft (cut at 45 deg. Later)

    Gussets 4 X 3/4", 15.5",  3"

    Side Gusset 2 X  3/4",  5', 5" (check again) , 3"

    Have fun building one for yourself.


    This storage rack is great becuase i use it to store, long boards on the arms, cutoffs in the boxes sgregated by type and long sheet goods in the middle.

    How to Make

    Building the Base

    The Baseclick to enlargeclear view of the base

    The Base: Building the base is easy, all you need to do first is to create the frame first. The horizontal pieces of the base are doubled, for strength because they support the posts above them. Attach the long (4.10') pieces to the short 36" end pieces. You can double up the end pieces with the 34..5" pieces after you put the frame together or before. I glued all the hosrizontal pieces first, overnight, to save time. The reason the short end pieces of the base are 34.5" is because they accomodate for the 3/4" size of the two long pieces. The two ends are 36" becase the long ends are screwed into them. For screws you can use size 8 or 10, 2.5" or 3" long. Go ahead and attach the glue blocks to the four corners of the base now becasue it will be difficul to do it later. You can attach the wheels to the base now but it will get difficult to work with it as it will keep moving .For wheels used solid steel casters that have a load rating of atleast 75 to 100 lbs each.

    Building the Posts, Arms, T- brackets and Square Brackets

    The Baseclick to enlargeBuilding the Posts, Arms, T- brackets and Square Brackets

    Building the Posts, Arms, T- brackets and Square Brackets: POSTS: For the arms cut the plywood or other wood to size. If using plywood then you need to glue however if using 2X4 type of studs then you don’t need any glue. I only used glued the plywood pieces together to make it thicker. ARMS: Once the arms are cut to length you can the miter at the end of the arm like i did or leave it flat. Drill holes in the arms, 2 for two screws. I used two screws for each arm, you could use more if you like, T-Brackets and Square Brackets: I was originally going to by metal brackets from the hardware store to attach the posts to the base. AT that time i did not have a pocket hole jig, otherwise i would have used that. To keep the costs down and to make the posts as sturdy as possible i made my own plywood brackets. You can use any option you are comfortable with. For the T - Brackets i attach the narrow part to the posts and the broader part to the base. One screw for the narrow and two screws for the base. Each post has two brackets except on the outside of the end posts. I thought it would look a lot neater if i kept them on the inside. If you use metal you can use them on the outside as well. I used the square ones for the posts which are attached to the boxes. Here i was not worried about it being sturdy because the boxes are attached to the posts as well. Go ahead and assemble everything together.

    Gussets, Boxes and Wheels

    The Baseclick to enlargeGussets, Boxes and Wheels

    Gussets, Boxes and Wheels: Once the posts have been attached the Gussets and side gussets can be put up. Simple clamp and screws will do the trick; I used only 3/4" pieces since Gussets were only used for stability at the top. The box can be assembled outside and then just nailed to the frame at the bottom and the posts at the back. The Box can be now attached to the frame. First nail down the bottom part of the box. Then put up the back wall of the box, add on the ends. The Box Ends were attached with dowels and glue to the back wall of the box. The front of the box was attached using nails and glue. You can now turn the whole rack on this side to attach the wheels, unless you already did that in step 1. I think that is it. The new lumber rack should be ready.