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    7 Great Books for Getting Started in Woodworking

    These books are sure to help guide any beginner woodworker.

    Have you folks stumbled upon Amazon’s awesome Listmainia tool? It lets users like you or me compile lists of their favorite Amazon stuff—and let’s face it, Amazon sells just about everything--even groceries!

    There are lists of book compilations like William H. Keehn’s woodworking library. Or list of cool woodworking tools. Jose Paez, for example, compiled a list of tools for a small shop.

    So, in honor of this, a Taunton books editor helped compile a list of great books (and DVDs) for getting started in woodworking. What do you think? Any of these your favorites too? Any books that you would add to this list (yes, it’s okay to mention competitor’s books).

    Good Books for Beginning Woodworkers

    Woodworking Basics: eBook and paperback
    by Peter Korn

    Getting Started in Woodworking: eBook and paperback
    by Aimé Ontario Fraser

    Your First Workshop: eBook and paperback
    by Aimé Ontario Fraser

    Projects for your Shop
    by Matthew Teague

    Furniture You Can Build: eBook and paperback
    by Joseph Hurst-Wajszczuk

    Four Book Getting Started in Woodworking Set
    Includes: Furniture You Can Build, Getting Started in Woodworking, Projects for Your Shop & Your First Workshop Set

    Taunton's Complete Illustrated Guide to Woodworking
    by Lonnie Bird, Jeff Jewitt, Thomas Lie-Nielsen, Andy Rae, and Gary Rogowski

    Tage Frid Teaches Woodworking: Books 1 & 2 and slipcase set with DVD
    by Tage Frid

    I've run out of time for today... but I aim to come back and update this post with recommendations for woodworking classics and books for small shops, using tools, and project plans.

    More on this topic: Just found this archive Knots discussion on beginner woodworking books and classes.