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    Bandsaw Push Stick

    By Peter Schlebecker

    Resawing—or slicing stock along its face to make thinner boards—is a great reason to have a bandsaw. But the operation requires care, especially when the fence is close to the blade. The trick is to push the stock from the rear at an even rate all the way through the cut, and keep your fingers out of the way as the blade emerges from the tail end of the workpiece.

    Almost any length of scrap will work as a push stick for this task, but it’s nice to have one with a comfortable grip nearby. The dedicated stick we use is easy to make—another shape cut out on the bandsaw. Make sure the stick is long enough so that the front end reaches just past the blade while the rear is still a couple of inches behind the fence. This way, the fence won’t interfere with your grip as you finish the cut.

    (Originally printed in the Sept/Oct 2006 issue of Fine Woodworking magazine (FWW #186))



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