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    Burnish Your Woodworking Projects for More Luster

    I am by no means an expert turner but from time-to-time, I do find myself turning pulls for my furniture projects. One thing that's always bothered me lay in what to do with all the beautiful curly shavings I routinely produce in the shop. There's got to be a way to leverage these somehow--aside from being used as tinder in my wood stove.

    Enter Burnishing. This is a little technique I've seen many furniture-makers employ. By holding a handful of shavings up against the spinning project—be it a pull like this one, or a small bowl--you can add a beautiful satin sheen to your projects that feels just wonderful to the touch—imagine a warm marble. The lathe does all the work and it only takes a few seconds to achieve a lustrous finish.


    This small maple pull is fresh off the turning tools, and although it has a nice smooth appearance, a touch of burnishing will do it some good.
    Let the Lathe do the Work
    By simply holding a handful of nice shavings against the spinning pull, I'm able to give the piece a nice satin luster that's ready for shellac, wax, or whatever finish you can imagine.
    Satin Smooth
    Notice the dull sheen? It's subtle but when you wrap your fingers around this pull, it feels like your holding a warm marble—super smooth with just a touch of sheen. Perfect!