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    Clamps for Woodworking

    A woodworker can never have too many clamps. They come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes to help with different glue-up tasks. Click on the photos above for more details on several types.

    Small clamps
    You can buy many different types of small clamps ranging from simple spring clamps to small bar clamps to C-clamps to the old fashioned handscrew that includes two wooden jaws that are opened and closed with a pair of wooden handles and threaded rods.

    Quick-release clamps are also very useful when you need an extra hand in the workshop.

    Larger clamps
    Bar clamps and pipe clamps are essential for big glue ups. Pipe clamps are very economical since you can make them of any length by simply buy differently sized pipes.

    The downside of pipe clamps is that they can spring out of parallel if pressure is applied. A step up are parallel-jaw clamps which stay more rigid during glue up.

     In addition to some of these basic clamps, there is countless variety of specialty clamps to help in different glue up situations.