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    Easier Handplaning with a Guide Block

    If you’re new to surfacing or jointing lumber by hand using handplanes, you’ve probably already realized that this can be a tricky endeavor to execute successfully. When it comes to jointing the edge of a board, it’s easy to find yourself creating a bevel as opposed to a surface that’s perfectly square to the adjoining face.

    If you find yourself unable to shoot a perfectly square edge, consider fashioning a simple guide block. The block is nothing more than a thick piece of stock with a beefy rabbet that’s been cut into it at the tablesaw. Your handplane fits into the rabbet and is held in place using a simple C-clamp.

    While this certainly isn’t a cure-all—you should still aim to perfect your handplaning skills to the point that you can joint an edge straight and true without the guide block—it’s a good starting point for folks just starting out with traditional handplanes.