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    Epona Celtic Horse Knotwork - Intarsia Woodworking

    Epona Celtic Horse Knotwork – Intarsia Woodworking

    Epona was a goddess of great strength to the ancient Celts. She is the protector of horses and symbolized understanding, vitality, and Independence. I chose to do this Epona Celtic Horse Knotwork piece because of the beauty in the design and in the meaning.


    As I talked about in prior knotwork articles, I have come across several knotwork projects that I am exploring. I found a similar design to this while at a festival and I fell in love how the lines are continuous in the designs and continue to flow in a timeless fashion. After seeing the design, I came home and worked up a plan. I also decided to do some research on the meaning behind the design and I stumbled across a great article about Epona that was very informative by angelfire.com http://www.angelfire.com/journal/ofapoet/epona.html. In this project, it was very important to me to keep the lines flowing as effortlessly as they could. The horses in this scheme denote strength, and I also wanted this to show through in the design. I began this piece by creating the backer. This is made of pine. I then began the cutting. This design repeats itself three times, so I learned quickly that I could cut everything in threes and it would all line up as I reassembled the image. The horses are of walnut and the knotwork is done in cedar. I chose to do these contrasting colored woods so that the knotwork would stand out against the backer. I added some detail to the horses with a dremel to give the horses some more character. This project is constructed out of 161 individual pieces.

    This piece was made without a customer in mind, so it has been added to our current inventory and is for purchase at $250.00. If you are interested in this piece, please us the contact us section of our website http://www.cmobleydesigns.com/contact-usfor more information.

    Also consider following us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/chrismobleydesigns. We currently have a promotion going on. If you like our Facebook page, you will be entered into a drawing for “The Rose” piece. Each like will gain you one entry and each share will gain you an additional entry into the contest. When we reach 200 likes on Facebook, we will hold the drawing.