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    Eye Safety

    Eyes can be damaged in an instant, and there are many woodworking tasks that send flying particles into the air.

    True safety glasses fit the face closely and have side shields of some kind or wrap around the face. They don’t cost much, and there are nicer-looking styles these days. Get a pair or two, and put them on whenever you are working with power tools.

    If you already wear glasses, you should be OK for jobs like drilling and bandsawing or jigsawing, which don’t send stuff toward your eyes. Still, ask your optometrist for lenses that are shatterproof polycarbonate, often called scratch-resistant.

    But normal glasses, especially today’s artsy styles, have gaps all around them, where small projectiles can fly or bounce. So you will still need safety glasses. You have a couple of options. You can get safety glasses or goggles that fit over normal glasses, or for a few more bucks you can buy a pair of prescription safety glasses. Ask your optometrist. Again, there are nice styles these days that aren’t embarrassing to be seen in!

    So you’ve got no excuse. Protect your eyes. You only get one pair.