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    How to Rip Boards on the Tablesaw

    By Kelly Mehler

    Most tablesaw accidents occur during ripping. By following a few basic techniques, you’ll not only get good-quality cuts, but you’ll also get them with a better degree of safety.

    1. Place the front end of the board on the saw. Then, with the edge of the board against the rip fence, feed the board into the blade at a steady rate. If the motor slows down, slow the feed rate.

    2. Once the trailing end of the board reaches the front of the table, use the push block to feed the board.

    3. Continue pushing the trailing end of the board with the push block until the board is an inch or two past the sawblade.

    Drawings by Jim Richey

    Excerpt from A Tablesaw Primer: Ripping and Crosscutting from the 2004 Tools and Shops issue (FWW #167).



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