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    How to Use a Card Scraper

    If you want an unparalleled final surface for a woodworking project, try using a card scraper instead of sandpaper. The equipment is inexpensive, just a simple square of steel, a file, and "burnishing" tool.  In this video, Bob Van Dyke of the Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking  demonstrates how to use one. Watch this companion video for tips on sharpening the scraper.

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    Kasuert Nodde writes:

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    jack duran writes: I have seen some furniture business that using card scraper than of sand paper, and I prove it to my self that that is more firm than the sand paper that is very much common, but unlike in the paper form card scraper is expensive. If I am not mistaken the site http://caldwells.com/exterior-doors/shaker-doors are also using it to make all their wood door finish firm, smooth and shiny.
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