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    Jointer Usage Basics

    Hey Guys and Gals. First off, I highly value all the knowledge that you all have. That's why I am posting here. I am so new to woodworking I haven't even really made anything yet. I have been collecting tools and slowly building up a small shop mostly from Craigslist and my gracious father-in-law. He gave me a jointer today, its an old 6" craftsman, cast iron, really nice and old, lots of history. My plan is to start out and make some cutting boards. I have a 12" planer also. I plan on using rough sawn lumber. My question is, can I take a 12" board and run through the jointer twice. To level out a total of 12". I know the cutter would be cutting two different directions. Or is it best just to rip the board in smaller sections and run it through the jointer once. The reason I thought about doing this is my table saw is pretty aweful, so I was trying to avoid ripping on it until I can set it up correctly and maybe get a better blade and/or fence (it's a Ryobi BTS15). Thanks in advance!!