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    Making a Small Wooden Box, Part 1

    Learn the basics of box building, including: cutting mitered corners, box glue-up, cutting splines, and much more...

    Working With Wood
    with Paul Ruhlmann 

    Paul Ruhlman demonstrates how to build a simple wooden box and offers some great safety tips for this process in a two-part video series. In part one you’ll learn:

    • How to layout your cuts to get all of the box sides from a single board to keep the grain consistent
    • All about cutting miter joints
    • How to cut a groove on the router table that will hold the bottom in place
    • How to measure the true dimensions of your box for a perfect fitting bottom
    • Dry fitting and gluing up your box
    • How to cut the slots for your splines with a biscuit joiner jig

    Stay tuned for Part 2 that will cover trimming the splines, attaching a top, and finishing.



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    Jarred Sanger writes:

    I am a beginer in many areas and like what you have done. I believe a set of plans is available, and would like to get them whenever they come out. I am looking forward to making this my first real project after working on home repairs and remodeling.  belgian waffle maker

    Alan Nixen writes:

    Hello Paul:

    Wonderfu videos!

    What great work for those of us who, otherwise, have no available advice.

    Could you please tell me where I can buy hinges small enough to use on a box with 3/8" inch stock.

    Many thanks for your anticipated courtesy.


    Seddon Randall writes:

      laugh     Boy O Boy   is this jig going to help me with a job I have had trouble with. My friends will get a shock until I show them how its done. Thanks to all who have put this jig together so I can improve my end result.  yes

    Rick Frenger writes:

    I'm also interested in the spline jig plans .  The video certainly gets the technique across.

    Bob Kronberger writes:

    I'm also interested in the spline jig plans. Nice looking feature that adds great strength to the project. One could put this technique to work in a number of other projects.

    Ken Groves writes:

    Both videos are excellant and have provided me with a couple of extra hints in the making of a box - thank you.

    Like Harold, I too would be interested in any plans available for the spline cutting jig.

    Hal W
    Harold Williams writes:

    This is a nice looking and useful project.  It would be helpful to show the plans for the spline cutting jig attached to the slot cutting machine.  (Since I happen to own the same brand of slot cutter, I am curious as to how the jig is attached to the tool.)

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