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    Making a Small Wooden Box, Part 2

    The basic box building series continues with mitered spline joinery, attachment of the lid, and applying a super-simple finish.

    Working With Wood
    with Paul Ruhlmann

    In part 2 of this two-part video series on building a small wooden box, Paul Ruhlmann shows you how to:


    • Fit and glue in the splines
    • Trim the splines flush and clean them up with a sanding block
    • Attach flush mount hinges for the lid
    • Apply a super-simple oil finish

    Missed part 1 of this video series? CLICK HERE to catch up on all of the action.



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    Bob Kronberger writes:

    I'm also interested in the spline jig plans. Nice looking feature that adds great strength to the project. One could put this technique to work in a number of other projects.

    Rick Hodgson writes:

    I noticed Mr Ruhlmann did not finish the bottom or the inside of the box. Is this common practice?



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