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    New Getting Started in Woodworking Video Series in the Works

    Cast your vote and let us know what our next video project series should be.

    Season 3 of our Getting Started Woodworking video series has finally come to a close. If you haven't seen the eight-part series on building a Shaker nightstand of American walnut yet, be sure to check it out. We covered each and every aspect of construction using dowel joinery that is super-solid. The conclusion of the series however, leaves us with an open-ended question: what next?

    In past GSIW series, we've covered the construction of a simple workbench, cutting boards, and even an oak bookcase. Add to that, our most recent project, and we've got (we hope) a pretty solid lineup of beginner woodworking projects to get you started. But now we need your help.

    Please let us know what you'd like to see Asa and I build next. Cast your vote in our poll and be sure to leave specific comments or project suggestions not covered in the poll, at the bottom of this blog post. You can even add your own project to the poll! We'll be checking back frequently, reading your feedback as we begin the decision-making process as to what our next woodworking project might be.