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    A Planer Sled for Milling Lumber

    Flattening wide lumber on a 6-in. or 8-in. jointer can be difficult. Arlington, Texas, woodworker Keith Rust has developed an alternative method for surfacing lumber that makes use of his wide bench planer and a shopmade jig. In this video, Rust demonstrates flattening one side of a wide board with the his planer sled. He explains how to set up and adjust the jig for good results.  


    Produced By: Gary Junken
    Video length: 7:38



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    miguel patterson writes: Those asking for video, update your flash player to work. Anyway, is this procedure also the same on planning exterior wood doors? I got old stock doors from Caldwells store near Bay area, San Francisco, see here for the door I got. I am planning to have it refined and plane it to remove some spots that are breaking off. I am thinking the same idea.


    Where do i fine the artical on the Planer Jointer sled.



    brad feuerhelm writes:

    So what's up No Video!!!

    Only jpg images!
    brad feuerhelm writes: Video fixed Thanks. Oh by the way you have a higher res. jpg's of the sled for some reason They print out all pixilated and unreadable. They don't enlarge at all at least readable anyway!
    James Haywood writes:

    no video

    John Brown writes:

    A few years ago I passed your article along to Sawmill Creek so a lot of them are out there.  Thanks.

    Charles Avila writes:

    Great video. Just saved me from investing in a 12 inch wide jointer.

    Richard Parks writes:

    Great Idea !!!  I have alot of lumber that is 11 to 12 inches wide that I need to flaten and this seems to be an easy way to do it.  Thanks.

    Philip Miller writes:

    No video

    Gary Clayton writes:

    Video worked fine for me. great tip. i've got some walnut i need to plane, so make one of these when i get started with it.

    Ronald Bartholomew writes:

    Video missing here also!!

    Don Carrier writes:

    Video Missing

    Louis Alexander writes:

    can't get video to work.

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