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    Real Names on StartWoodworking.com

    Welcome to StartWoodworking.com, a friendly site where real people use their real names to help foster insightful dialog that will build a supportive community.

    The central goal of our site is to empower new people to become woodworkers. We want to create a welcoming environment and think that using real names is the best way to do that.

    Our editors and contributors all use their real names and we think it’s a good practice for everyone on this site to do the same, standing behind all the words that they type. Using real names lets you get to know the person you’re corresponding with and we hope this will help create more thoughtful conversation.

    Thanks for visiting our site. We look forward to corresponding with you and seeing your contributions.

    Click here to register for our site. Then visit our "share" page information on all the different ways you can get involved with StartWoodworking.com.