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    The Title – Marine Corps Emblem Image

    Marine Corps Emblem Image – Intarsia Woodworking

    The Title

    It Can Not be Inherited
    Nor Can it Ever be Purchased
    You or No One Alive
    can Buy It for Any Price
    It is Impossible to Rent
    and It Can Not be Lent
    You Alone and Our Own
    have Earned It
    with Your Sweat, Blood and Lives.
    You Own It Forever
    The Title
    “United States Marine”

    -Author Unknown

    I personally do not know what it means to be a United States Marine, however, I did this Marine Corps Emblem Image piece for a very good friend of mine who I am very grateful for knowing. Years have passed since he wore the uniform, but he never takes off the title. He takes pride in the title and conducts himself with the actions represented of what a Marine is noted for. This pride carries through in all aspects of his life and being a Marine is not what he did, but is who he is. I am envious of this pride and I am forever grateful for the servitude he has provided. To all of the past, present, and future Marines… Thank You. To continue reading, please visit www.cmobleydesigns.com