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    tools for the novice

           When you are doing your own home repair instead of calling a home repair service you will need basically the same tools to do the repairs as the home repair service you didn't call.Most home repairs require you to measure and nail,cut and drill,tighten and loosen,clamping and holding,fixing and painting plus any number of more tasks.It is imperative that you know which tools to use for which tasks.More important is for you to know how to use the tools safely.The smartest thing a home owner can do is to buy from a reputable dealer and purchase higher quality tools.It might seem to you that you don't need to spend a bunch of money to do your own repairs but you need to take a look at the big picture.The better quality tools are safer to use and they stand a better chance of lasting you your lifetime.I will give you an idea of the type of tools the average home owner should own.

            If you are a novice when it comes to using tools the first thing you need to learn about it the different tools that you will be using for the different projects.You need to get to know the names and the functions of the various tools  and how to use them for your various projects.If you are just starting out woodworking for example there are only 7 major power tools that you need to learn.Since you as a beginner are just starting out it will be easier for you to learn how to use the various wood working tools for each situation where you need a different to perform a certain function.The reason it will be easier for you that you might think is because your projects will be smaller and not so over whelming as they might be if you were an "old timer" in the industry.You can take your own sweet time and learn each function for each tool for each project as you go.It will enable you to focus more on the tools than the project in order to use the power tools correctly.

             You will discover when wood working that the circular saw is the most versatile and the most widely used power tool.The circular saw is very adaptable and you can use it in numerous different ways for just about as many projects.While you are still learning the circular saw take your time and learn it well because  you can use it for a variety of projects and it will replace a couple of other power tools.

            Another basic tool that you will need to master is the drill.The  power drill is an important wood working tool.There is a full range of drills for the wood worker and just about every other trade or industry.You have your choice of the cordless power drill or the corded power drill.You can probably find a special drill for just about any project because of the many various sizes and speeds.Some have variable speeds and are adaptable for just about all of your projects that you might encounter.