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    Woodworking Book Giveaway

    ***UPDATE, March 1, 2012***

    Congratulations to our lucky winner, Jim Crockett. His comment was chosen at random.

    Leave a comment for a chance to bring home a copy of "Routers and Router Tables."

    Routers and Router Tables BookThis week at StartWoodworking.com, we're featuring a clever jig for cutting hidden spline joinery at the router table. If you don't already have your own router table, or you're just hoping to build one that's a bit more beefy than your current model, enter our latest book giveawy for a chance to bring home a copy of Fox Chapel Publishing's Routers and Router Tables.

    Among the topics covered in this 238-page softcover are:

    • Choosing a Router
    • Router Tables to Build
    • Router Techniques
    • Joining Wood with the Router

    Leave a comment at the bottom of this post by 12:01am (EST) Thursday, March 1, 2012, for a chance to bring this book home.

    **Winner selected at random.



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    kenjie westfield writes: This book guide at http://awesomebook.eatmywords.com/ can be a perfect reference specially if you plan for starting the same field of business.
    jake stewart writes: Congrats, I am much interested with the books,, if given a change I will have the book reprinted at http://www.digitekprinting.com/digital-color-copies instead.
    Mike Braun writes:

    Where else could anyone get that kind of information in such a perfect way of writing? I have a speech next week, and I was looking for more info. http://acnenomorereviewd.weebly.com/

    oliver carter writes: Is there any downloadable form or e-books that I can reprint and use for my future woodworking references? I have known this site http://www.digiteksf.com/adhesive-vinyl/, maybe I could try to print from them.
    Randall Romilly writes:

    Looks like a great book for us tailed woodworkers. Thank you for the giveaway!

    trafficmaster flooring

    Scott Baron writes:

    Just got my new router and router table today - would love to have some well founded doctrine and practices of utilization to optimize it application in my emerging workshop.

    mack ellis writes:

    Nothing is more important than safely using power tools, and nothing is more fun than using them to produce your next project/work of art. As a fledgling woodworker, this book would find a good home.

    David Putman writes:

    This will definetly help!

    Thanks Ed

    Robert Harrington writes:

    I use my router in a table,but almost never handheld.This book would help overcome this fear of screwing up handhelds

    Lary Gudeth writes:

    I'm a beginner, so this would be a great addition to my library.

    Kehan Syed writes:

    I inherited a router and other woodworking tools from my grandpa, and luckily found this site at the right time...If sites like this existed for every hobby then the world would be a lot better at everything! It would be such a kick to win this from you guys and be able to very learned in my granpas router! If not I will still consider myself a winner for stumbling upon this site. Thanks for all the help Asa and Matt!

    Ron Clemens writes:

    It's always a good thing to have more knowledge and how-to advice at my fingertips.  This is especially true for the router and router table since they are among the most-used tools in my shop.

    Jim Crockett writes:

    I am always looking for ways to improve my woodworkign knowledge and the "Routers and Router Tables" book looks like an excellent way of gaining some additional knowledge. While I have been using my router for several years, I'm sure that there are better and perhaps safer ways of doing things than my methods. As a self-taught woodworker, woodworking books and magazines as well as web sites and forums have been the places where I have learned how to do things. This book would be an excellent addition to my collection!

    Merritt Adams writes:

    Though I have built several router tables including my current router and tablesaw combo, I need to learn the art of routing which I believe this book will help to develop.




    Merritt Adams

    Thom Sandwick writes: I am in the process of building a new router table... And discovering that a bit extra help in routing techniques would be good
    Luigi Meogrossi writes:

    I've had a router for a few years now and it is still in it's box. My dreams of building a table and dreaming of all the things I can do are still just that .. dreams.  This book looks like the answer to my prayers.  It will get me to build that table and start creating one of a kind projects.  It would come in very handy in building the kitchen cabinet doors.

    Bruce Rosekopf writes:

    This book looks like what I need too help give me ideas to build the perfect router table that I've been wanting.

    Larry Dobbins writes:

    I think Stephen Barnard  is trying to "stack the deck." 

    Personally, I'm looking to buid the "perfect" routertable outfited with the "perfect" router and power lifter.

    Larry Dobbins
    New Braunfels, TX

    Chris Hagerman writes:

    I am a self taught woodworker who is slowly building my skills and tool collection. My wife and I have completely remodeled our 1912 Bungalow restoring the trim and wood work to its original state and beauty. As I have milled the trim from salvaged lumber I have had to utilize planers, jointers and routers tables from friends and family. As I move forward with other projects I see that a router table for my router will be my next purchase. I want to build my router table and learn some new techniques. I think this book wood be an excellent start.

    Joseph Burris writes:

    The router has been my least used tool as I never had real information on how to use it.  Now that we have built our first home (for retirement) which has a real woodworking shop, I would like to broaden my experiences and know more about this power tool.

    Girius Antanaitis writes:

    I just scratch build my router table and bought 2 routers. What better way to hone my routing skills then a reference book like this?

    Girius Antanaitis writes:

    I just scratch build my router table and bought 2 routers. What better way to hone my routing skills then a reference book like this?

    Howard Wiley writes: I have been using the same router and router table for thirty years and am now planning on a complete upgrade for both. The book would be a great help.
    thomas dougherty writes:

    would like this book to expand what i could do with my router.

    Alex Nelson writes:

    I'd like to build a router table, and want a better understanding of the features and mechanics that I should incorporate into my design. This book should help.

    Jim Parsons writes:

    I've used a router set in a table but would love to learn other techniques and the book would be very helpful.

    Walter Peachey writes:

    As a career cabinetmaker, I live by what I learned from one of my instructors - that being "never stop listening, never stop learning".  Having this book would be an asset to my knowledge bank and also to the students that I am presently working with as a volunteer in a local high school. Router has been a major part of my career because of the works of Art Betterley and Bob Rosendahl, but there is always more to learn.

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    Lary Gudeth writes:

    I have just purchased a how to build wood working benches book, this would be a great book for my next project.

    Dave Rukavina writes:

    I haven't been having the greatest luck with my new router table. Something to piont me in the right direction would be a good thing.

    John Verreault writes:

    Why do I need this book? I'm fairly new to using a router and a router table so any solid, well written reference book on the topic would be good but this book looks great so I definitely want to add it to my woodworking library. I do wish everyone who enters good luck but I really want this one. ;^)



    Lonny Papenhagen writes: I'm interested in building small boxes with a router/table. The references would not only be exciting, but helpful. The embedded splines are a prime example, also finger joints and dovetails.
    Layne Williams writes:

    Just getting ready to build my router table. The book would be helpful. Thanks!

    Rick in Bothwell
    Rick Gibson writes:

    Just starting to use my router that has mainly been just sitting around a book like this would be a great help.

    Bill McMullen writes:

    I had a Craftsman router and built a lift for it. I installed a 1/4" upcut spiral bit in it and proceeded to cut a 1/4" deep dado. It became progressively harder to push. Upon examination my dado had become deeper. Thinking it was my lift mechanism I adjusted the depth. This happened 2 more times when finally it came flying out of the router,angry but fortunately it was in a table that was almost totally enclosed. I really do not know why this happened but it did. I have thrown away the router and bit and do not plan on purchasing another upcut spiral bit. So I think I could use  a book like this.


    Stephen Ayotte writes:

    I enjoy the router

    Wayne Greer writes:

    Even a brochure would likely benefit one with my meagre skills.  A whole book?  Cool.

    Rick Sontag writes:

    I have purchased a new router table and anxious to get started on the proper techniques of using it. I have purchased router books and still gathering all the information possible to help me.

    Larry Jones writes:

    I am always on the look-out for ways to improve my wood working skills and this looks like a good addition to my library.

    John Collette writes:

    First off, good luck to all.  I am a very novice woodworker with still not actually building anything to date.  I have taken a 1-day course with routers and have been reading a lot since.  To just have the basic understanding of how not to hurt myself with this tool and keep all my fingers would be great.  From what has been explained about this book, I would be using it for a variety of things immediately and in the future. I new to buy a router, build a router table and so much more.  This is the ideal book for me as a starter.  Thanks for the chance to be entered to win.

    Ron O'Dell writes:


    enlightenedI enjoy woodworking and like to use the router for a variety of things.  I am always open to new ways that I can more fully utilize the tools that I have.

    There is so much to learn from others when given the opportunity to do so.  smiley

    Sanford Guberman writes:

    still so much to learn.  The book would be immediate reading.

    Sanford Guberman writes:

    still so much to learn.  The book would be immediate reading.

    Sanford Guberman writes:

    still so much to learn.  The book would be immediate reading.

    George D.
    George Davis writes:

    Think the book would be great benefit in using the router. I obtained a new router some time back so now I plan to mount my old one in a table and leave it there.

    Mike Ingham writes:

    I'm a professional carpenter and use many of my routers on a daily basis. You can get over complacent about safety which can laed to a nasty surprise. Over the years I have repeatedly never unplugged my router to change bits, that is until one day, the router slipped when I was tightening a canoe bit and needless to say, 68 stitches later by a plastic surgeon over a 4 hour period, I learn't a valuable lesson.

    Unplug your router at all times when changing bits or anytime the router is out of the router table.

    Nuff Said!!!!

    Eric Hemsath writes:

    I built a router table from an old computer desk.  Now if I could figure out how to make the best use of it.  Oh, you're giving away a book that will do just that.  Also, free hand needs a bunch of help....................

    Peter Swick writes:

    I have used my router off and on for a few years but I still need some"pointers". Sometimes my projects take a lot longer than they should due to my inexperience in router set-up. I'd like to build my brother-in-law a tool chest as a thank you for his help getting me involved in woodworking and for all the times he's helped me with my projects. This book will help me use my router more efficiently and build an overall better chest.

    Ed Washak writes: I am expanding my woodworking experience to include projects that will use my router. This book will be really useful.
    Verden Dent writes:

    I would very much like to have a book like this so I can learn how to use and set up a router table as I am just getting started into wood working and have had a great desire to do wood working for years.  Now that I have the time to do this and get a shop set up this would be a great addition.

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