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    i am starting a work shop blog that i would like to keep updated with latest shop photos. I have been in this house only a couple of years and don't find a lot of time with two kids now. So ever since i moved in shop organization has been my main priority. I have made two things that i will post in shop storage projects. I think these are two good beginner projects and if any one finds themselves in the same position that i am in then starting with these projects will make a big difference.

    My garage is a two car garage but like all two car garages if i squeeze two cars i won't be able to open the car doors, but my plan is to use only half of the garage as a shop an the other half stores one car.

    Another important difference is, i have committed to green wood working practices as far as possible, one for obvious budget reasons and two for the environment. I am an avid "craigslister", so I often collect wood other people throw out as junk, Most of it is plywood, chiopwood sheets, some of it is 2X4 wood. I have today collected a lot of wood, so much that i have no idea what to do. Hence i started with two organization projects this summer.