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    Q: Fixed: Why can't I post a question? This system is buggy.

    One of our staff members just alerted me to a problem with our Q&A posting forms.

    Betsy was unable to post a question and kept getting the error message "Q&A field is required." But, she could see no place to enter this field.

    Due to a styling bug, this required field was appearing to the far right side of the Internet Exploer browser, and sometimes wasn't visible at all.

    Our developers are working on a fix to this issue. But if you run into this problem, make sure to scroll as far to the right as possible in your browser across from the "tag" field. That's where you'll find the Q&A field.

    Sorry for the trouble. This issue doesn't seem to be a problem in Firefox or Safari.

    We'll try to get it fixed as soon as possible. -Gina, FineWoodworking.com

    P.S. This is the error message Betsy saw:

    answer question