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  • Q: Strongest joints or a firewood storage box



    I'm a fairly new woodworking other than my high school days. I am making a firewood storage box for in the house. It will be roughly the size of the 3ft long x 2ft wide x 2ft high. The box will be a timber frame with panels for the bottom and sides.

    As the contents will be heavy and applying outward pressure, what you would recommend as the best or strongest joint to use? (I was going to use mortise and tenon joints or sliding dovetail.)

    Thanks Des

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    Leo Weisman writes:

    If it is going to be of solid would, finger joints provide for the most long grain gluing surface. It is done on a tablesaw with an easily made jig.

    Mortise and tenon would work great, paricularly if you have an urge to make some. It is the basis for a whole array of carcus work.