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    Q: Table Saw no longer cutting square

    I hope someone can help me with this...

    My Table Saw has suddenly decided not to make square cuts when I try to make a cross cut.  I've tried on both my cross cut sledge and using my mitre gauge but the cut comes out slightly curves as if the wood is being pushed away from the blade slightly.  Over a 4" cut I'm finding that the difference from start to end of cut is almost 1/16".  The timber is White Ash and is 5/8" thick.  I've checked that the blade is parallel to the mitre slot and I've tried changeing my blade.  Over the weekend, I gave the table saw a good clean and rechecked eveything I could think of.   I've also checked my sledge and mitre for any problems and everything comes out at 90 degrees except my cut.  The a couple of days before I started getting this problem, I had completed all my rip cuts on the timber I am now trying to cross cut and everything (then) worked fine.  The only thing that I know has changed is that the weather has got a lot colder.

    I'm obviously missing something here.  Anyone got any ideas?

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