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    Q: Workbench Layout

    I've decided to build myself a proper workbench rather keep making do.  I've got a basic idea for the design; sort of a cross between the Essential and Matt's Monster workbenches.  The thing is I'm a bit confused as to why the vises are traditionally positioned the way they are.  I'm left-handed and I find I have no problem having the front vise on the left-hand of the bench (I don't yet have an end vise).   I tend to have the waste end of the wood out towards the end of the bench with my body positioned more in front of the vise.  My question really is this - if I put my vise on the left of the bench and the end vise on the right hand end (if you see what I mean), am I likly to encounter problems as my scope of work increases or is it all just down to you lie to work?

    Sorry if this sems like a daft question but the vise on the left like that seems more designed for left handers than right so I wondered if I was missing something.


    Originally post in Knots on 7/30/2010

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